Certified Retirement Communities
Welcome to Van Alstyne…

...a community that reinforces those values that make small town life so attractive-the bond of family, lifelong friendships and a community spirit that involves citizens in beautification, education, and historic preservation; all contributing to our unique quality of life.

Van Alstyne is located 45 miles north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex on Highway 75 and is only 15 miles from both McKinney and Sherman. While Van Alstyne is close to the metroplex, it is worlds away in other respects. In fact, many residents in Van Alstyne pride themselves on the laid back, easygoing lifestyle of their  community. Van Alstyne is characterized by gently rolling hills, tree-lined neighborhoods, a historic downtown with plenty of unique shops and beautiful parks.  These attributes give the city a quaint, small town feeling with a welcoming atmosphere.

There is a wide range of quality health care providers in Van Alstyne. The area has two family practice doctor’s offices (with a total of four physicians, including one focused on senior needs,) an optometrist and two dental offices. In addition, there is a local chiropractor and two physical therapist.

Residents can also benefit from the continuing education resources available though the Grayson College-South Campus in Van Alstyne. Additionally, there are  churches of numerous denominations, a senior center,  as well as a public library and museum.

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