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Welcome to Lampasas

If you ask anyone who has ever driven through Lampasas if they know where it is, they will most likely say, "Oh, that's the pretty little place with the beautiful creek and park that winds its way through town". That is certainly true.  However, Lampasas is so much more than that. Lampasas is the best of country living with quick access to metropolitan amenities. It is rich history that includes one of the five oldest courthouses in Texas, seven natural Sulphur springs, which earned it the slogan "Saratoga of the South" and an honest to goodness old west shoot-out between the feuding Higgins and the Horrells.   

It is a fine 18-hole golf course located on Sulphur Creek and the home of Rollins Brook Community Hospital that is a full service facility with a 24/7 fully staffed emergency room. Lampasas is the birthplace of The Grange and the Texas Banker's Association. It is a new community college, one of only a few free flow swimming pools in Texas and the hub of three state highways (Highways 190, 281 and 183).

Lampasas will soon be the home of a 19 acre walking trail and nature park, and a 137 acre sports park complete with nature preserve and observation decks.  Lampasas is friendly, helpful people with a very progressive City Council and Lampasas Economic Development Corporation Board. It is year-round events that include Spring Ho, the Herb and Art Fest, Art in the Park events and the Carol of Lights at Christmas, all of which provide a wealth of volunteer opportunities. And, if you want to fly in, Lampasas is also a 4,200-foot runway suitable for landing a twin engine Learjet.   

There's so much more to see and hear about Lampasas, so come on. We're here. We're ready. And we're waiting for you.

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Lampasas, The Saratoga of the South

Community Profile Statistics

Population: 6,800
Sales Tax: 8.25%
Property Taxes: 
    City:  $.40
    School:  $1.46
    County:  $.5013
    Road and Bridge:  $.0944
    Total:  $2.4557
Crime Index: 247
Median Home Value: $88,106
Nearest Hospital/Emergency Care (miles):
    0 miles – Metroplex Adventist Hospital
Nearest Military Base (miles):
    8 miles – Fort Hood Army Base
Nearest Airport (miles):
    19 miles – Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport
Average February Temperature: 63° F
Average August Temperature: 94° F
Average Annual Rainfall/Snowfall: 
    2.59 inches Rainfall
    0 inches Snowfall